Guide to Menopause

by Tatiana Fleischman, MD

Don't let menopause catch you off guard! Menopause arrives sooner than most expect, hits you where you least expect it, and your doctor may not have a clue about what's going on!

I knows this firsthand, both as a menopause expert and menopause survivor.

I have been through every symptom menopause can unleash and beat them all! Now this is my life's mission to help other women avoid the turmoil menopause brings.

And this is the reason I wrote this guide. Whether you are just entering menopause or are already dealing with

          • Hot flashes

          • Night sweat

          • Weight gain and unwanted belly fat

          • Low energy

          • Brain fog

          • Low sex drive

          • Memory problems

          • Mood swings, depression or anxiety

          • Thinning hair

          • Crepey skin with early wrinkles

and everything in between - this Guide is for you.

Even if you are past the peak of your menopause and think the worst is over, there is something you need to know:

Menopause brings about major hormone deficiency and imbalance. Even if your body somehow adapts to the symptoms, hormone deficiency works silently to damage every system in your body causing osteoporosis, heart disease and even Alzheimer's!

This Guide will show you what to watch out for and what to do about both the symptoms and the silent damage menopause does.

Here is what you'll learn from this Guide:

      • Frequently overlooked symptoms of menopause

      • Who is at the highest risk of osteoporosis (it may be you!)

      • Simple ways to cure vaginal dryness and enjoy sex again

      • Myths about menopause

      • And much more

Menopause has many faces but relief is within reach when you are armed with the right knowledge and have an expert  on your side.

You may be in for a bumpy ride or sail smoothly through this transition and enjoy the best quality of life and many active years to enjoy.

The choice is ultimately yours.

Get your free copy of my Guide to Menopause today. 

Menopause Guide by Dr. Tatiana Fleischman