A comprehensive approach to restoring hormone balance that includes a detailed evaluation, supplementing deficient hormones and addressing the underlying causes of hormonal imbalance.

Here is what to expect:

Step 1: Health Questionnaire

Your journey starts with a detailed Health Questionnaire which will reveal important insights into your personal medical history, family history, and lifestyle. The Health Questionnaire needs to be completed online via our secure Patient Portal before the first appointment.

Step 2: Initial Consultation

We sit down for 1 hour and go over your Health Questionnaire to complete a detailed evaluation of your medical history and lifestyle that may contribute to hormone imbalance. You’ll receive a preliminary treatment plan and lifestyle recommendations that include: your personalized food plan, stress management and exercise.

Step 3: Advanced Lab Testing

Our experienced phlebotomist will travel to your home or office to draw your blood and take urine and/or saliva samples for comprehensive tests. Our advanced customized testing includes:

            • Hormones:
              • Sex Hormones
              • Thyroid
              • Growth Hormone
              • Adrenal hormones
            • Metabolism
            • Biochemistry
            • Nutrients
            • Vitamins
            • Minerals
            • Carbohydrates and lipids
            • Inflammation markers
            • Advanced genetic tests

Advanced lab testing is covered by most health insurance plans

Step 4: Your Personal Comprehensive Plan

During your second office visit you’ll receive a comprehensive long-term plan for restoring and maintaining your hormone balance. It will be highly personalized and based on the lab results, your genetic makeup and detailed evaluation of your medical history and lifestyle. Your plan will include:

            • Replacing all deficient hormones. If pellet therapy is recommended, it can be performed during this appointment.
            • Personalized vitamin and nutritional supplementation to restore all your vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
            • A personalized sleep- and stress-management plan.
            • Customized diet and exercise recommendations, tailored to your makeup and metabolism.

Step 5: Your First Follow up Appointment

We’ll see you again in about 6 weeks to evaluate your progress and make the necessary adjustments to your treatment and lifestyle plan.

Step 6: Continuing the Journey

We’ll see you 2 – 4 times a year on average (although the frequency may vary depending on your individual needs). During follow-up visits we fine tune your hormone and other treatments to ensure your continued optimal health and hormonal balance.