Menopause Guide by Dr. Tatiana Fleischman

Guide to Menopause

by Tatiana Fleischman, MD

🔥 Hot Flashes and night sweats

🧟‍♀️Terrible sleep, poor focus and low energy 

👩‍🍳Weight gain with constant cravings

😱Scary mood swings 

🤦‍♀️Low sex drive

What do all these symptoms have in common? 


Want to change all that? Then you’ve got to get INFORMED and make the RIGHT CHOICES.

I am Dr. Tatiana Fleischman, a Board Certified medical doctor and a Menopause and Hormone specialist. 

I’ve been practicing medicine for over 25 years. And I’ve been through menopause myself. 

Yes, I had every symptom in the book - and beat it!

Now that I enjoy great health and energy, I want to help YOU to get rid of the terrible symptoms of menopause and feel healthy and fabulous. Maybe like you’ve never felt before in your entire life!

Now it’s your turn to beat the menopause! Are you ready?

Because I am here to show you how to do that. And the first step for you to take is to download my free Guide to Menopause.  

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